The Hybris–SAP Integration – What Hybris with SAP Can Do for You

Implementation partners used to start from scratch when building integrations, but that changed with the hybrisSAP integration. The integrated solution provides a ready-to-use and standardized integration framework that links the multi-commerce capabilities of hybris Commerce Suite with SAP products, such as SAP hybris Marketing, CPQ, and ERP applications. This ensures that custom configurations are minimized, and integrations can be completed faster and at a more reasonable price. Through the hybris–SAP integration, businesses can have an all-in-one solution that integrates SAP back-end processes. Here are some of the integration options:

  • Transfer prices, master data, order documents, and stock level between SAP ERP and hybris using web services communication and hybris Data Hub.
  • Support for the integration of asynchronous order management for simple B2B and all B2C projects. Hybris with SAP can let you choose flexible scenarios by combining asynchronous and synchronous integration, and different scenarios can be deployed for different storefronts using a single platform.
  • Configure services and solution using the run time engine, SAP Configure-Price-Quote.
  • Integrate with SAP hybris Marketing to allow audience profiling based on what customers click. The same action enables personalization and segmentation, predictive analysis, and the ability to provide product recommendations based on how customers behave online and offline.
  • SAP CAR integration to access data from point-of-sales in the hybris Commerce Suite. Shopping data can be accessed by customers through their accounts.

Integrating Hybris with SAP will enable your business to save a lot of time and effort, resulting in reduced TCO as it minimizes the need for initial data migration, systems integration, and maintenance. It also simplifies IT training and increases the availability of resources. Ready-to-use integrations can make it quicker to market products. The platform provides experience-driven and predictive commerce strategies, which are accurate and consistent for a future-proof and effective customer engagement solution.


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