What You Need To Know About Hybris Marketing

Hybris Marketing is a solution for contextual marketing in real-time. It lets you engage customers and keep them satisfied, build brand loyalty, and cultivate better brand relationships by enabling you to market to an audience of one. Conventional marketing campaigns may not be enough to engage individual customers due to the lack of knowledge on a customer’s unique needs and wants. As a result, your business tends to send generic messages, which may not make enough impact to an individual. Hybris Marketing changes that by enabling you to have a deeper understanding of your customers.

Using Hybris Marketing, you can know what your customers are doing, what they are likely to do, and what they have done. This provides you with real-time insights, which can be leveraged to enable you to deliver personalized customer experiences across different channels. Here are some of the other important things you should know about Hybris Marketing:

  • It can help you understand customer intent in real-time – With Hybris Marketing, you can capture and enrich the profiles of customers dynamically across every source into one view. This way, it is easier to detect customer signals that can help you gain insight into every customer’s intent in real-time.
  • It can help you improve customer experiences – In-the-moment opportunities may be converted to deliver contextually relevant experiences to your customers dynamically across channels. Hybris Marketing lets you create new engagements to boost customer loyalty and online community participation.
  • Market faster and accurately – Hybris lets your business react proactively to customer opportunities by increasing visibility and boosting the alignment of your resources, marketing processes, and performance with what customers expect.

If you are using Hybris Marketing, it means that you understand that your customers are intuitive, and you want to provide only the best products and services to them when they need or want them. The Marketing suite can obtain data from past purchases and the current activities of customers, like real-time browsing behavior. That way, you can effectively engage your customers and provide highly engaging interactions and content to them.