SAP CRM Cloud – Your New Helping Hand

If you’re serious about growing your business, then your goal should not only be to find customers but also to keep them. SAP CRM cloud may just be what you need to do exactly this. Using SAP CRM cloud, you can identify the individual needs and preferences of your customers and create custom promotional or marketing messages that can encourage them to follow through or respond. The platform is a known in-memory cloud solution aimed at highly data-driven, networked, mobile, and social users. Hence, you may find it ideal if your business is taking advantage of ever-changing data sharing trends.

SAP CRM cloud can become the new helping hand for your business with its flexible services for infrastructure and subscription models for apps, database, and infrastructure. It is currently the only known cloud platform built on SAP HANA, so it lets you provide access to real-time applications and run them simultaneously to lead your business to succeed. The platform comes with many different features for deploying, building, and managing cloud-based enterprise apps, whether you are using non-SAP solutions or an existing SAP platform.

If you are currently using existing enterprise solutions on premise or in the cloud, use SAP CRM cloud for connectivity, which will enable you to streamline the way you integrate any new application, while being confident with lower overall total cost of ownership. SAP CRM cloud can help automate your sales force and enable an easier way to manage accounts, even when your business is involved in a dynamic market. This way, you can be sure that your business can easily keep up with customers while enabling you to manage your relationship with them.

SAP CRM cloud can come with mobile applications that can help your business be on-the-go, especially if you have sales representatives on the field. The solution can be yours at no extra cost, and it can easily be implemented to empower the way your sales representatives can access and update data.

Selecting the Right DocuSign Integration Service Provider

DocuSign is one of the leading electronic signature services for agreements and documents that require your clients’ signatures. Implementing DocuSign is essential for a business that is keeping up with the digital world. Hiring a certified provider can get you started with implementing a high-quality and secure system for electronic signatures to minimize the need to rely on traditional and time-consuming devices such as fax machines, printers, and scanners to produce signed paperwork. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right DocuSign integration service provider:

• Think about your requirements – Electronic signature providers specialize in document management and digital transactions, and they offer solutions such as SaaS (software as a service) and CSPs (communications service providers). Consider your business’ security, storage, delivery, flexibility, and control to find the best solution in document retention, reporting, and compliance.

• Consider a provider that offers DocuSign with Cloud for Customer integration – This solution may help boost productivity as it eliminates manual paper-based tasks and enables automation via a signature management system and cloud-based management.

• Find out what kinds of businesses they serve – DocuSign is ideal for a wide range of businesses and works with major ERP and CRM solutions. However, make sure that the integration service provider has worked with other businesses similar to yours. That way, they can easily understand your requirements and tailor DocuSign and other related solutions to your business.

• Consider a provider of comprehensive solutions – Some of the leading providers of DocuSign integration services are SAP service specialists, too. With their help, they can integrate SAP C4C and DocuSign to provide you with a completely secure and versatile solution for electronic signatures. They can help you get started in case you are transitioning your business to digital document management too.

• Make sure support is available 24/7 – In case something goes wrong or you have questions regarding DocuSign, you should be able to get in touch with the integration service provider easily by phone or online, at any time.

How Do SAP Hybris Components Fit Together?

SAP Hybris is one of the most reliable and flexible e-commerce solutions. Aimed at B2B businesses and retailers, it comes with an efficient content management system with an intuitive user interface to let managers take control of promotional content and products, and personalize them for every buyer using the website or any of your marketing channels. The latest version of Hybris comes with a promotions engine to enable marketers to create dynamic online offers for certain types of customers. Moreover, the customer service interface empowers customer service representatives with better access to information such as customer accounts and order history.

All features of SAP Hybris work together to improve your customer service and management and enhance the customer experience. Custom online tools for customers can be implemented to establish customized access to certain products for a specific group of customers or buyers. SAP Hybris provides a centralized location for managing an entire catalog of products and content in one location. Likewise, it simplifies the ordering process and the manner of targeting customers to provide a more personalized experience to them. SAP Hybris can be scaled to self-service websites too by providing your website with high-end search and navigation platforms.

Using an omni-channel B2B or B2C e-commerce solution, such as SAP Hybris, can improve the way you engage with customers from any device. It helps you establish campaigns with personalized and relevant experiences that can encourage repeat customers. Likewise, it lets you transact and engage with customers at anytime, anywhere. On-Premise and cloud offerings are equipped with systems to help you engage and understand every customer throughout the commerce experience, from the time you create your content to sales and fulfillment of orders. With a comprehensive approach, SAP Hybris helps reduce costs and complexity, so you can quickly integrate your existing systems with it, and you can keep up with the ever-changing market conditions all the time.

Enable Superior Business Decisions with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

Decision-Making is one of the most important tasks you undertake when running your business. And, you can empower yourself to make better decisions with a powerful cloud-based software. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is one of the leading platforms that can enable you to earn more deals, boost your selling capabilities, and work smarter by providing you with ways to understand the unique challenges, industry, and goals of your customers. Using SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, you can have easier access to information on your customers, as well as social selling tools and real-time analytics anytime, anywhere.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is designed for businesses that are looking for easy-to-use and fast sales tools that can help them effectively engage customers and close more deals. With best-in-class features like lead management, automation, and account intelligence, the platform lets you achieve those goals at a reasonable, subscription-based price. Sales automation is one of the leading features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and it can help you efficiently manage your leads and accounts using an intuitive and scalable solution.

Using SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, you can easily collaborate with an extended sales community and your team in the context of opportunities and accounts. This way, your business can practice proper collaboration and social selling, share best practices in sales, and prepare presentations and meetings on-the-go with social CRM tools. It also allows you to sell anywhere, especially on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Account management intelligence is another crucial capability of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales. It lets you access full customer intelligence and update accounts quickly, while keeping everyone in the know, so you and your team can deliver the best customer experience each time you engage with your customers. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales can be integrated with your ERP or Microsoft Outlook and implemented to provide real-time analytics, while enabling sales performance management and sales retail execution.

Make Your Web Portal’s Self-Service Experience Carry Through to Its Fully Potential

Having a customer self-service portal can allow at least 67 percent of your customers seek answers on their own instead of getting in touch with your contact center. In fact, a self-service support website could increase customer satisfaction, especially if it can provide customers with what they want fast. Today’s tech-savvy customers should easily find their way through your self-service portal, but factors such as the design, the platform you use to run it, and the content may affect the user experience and the overall efficiency of your web portal. Using the following pointers, you should be able to boost your web portal’s self-service experience and make it reach its full potential:

Make sure your customers know the portal exists – Implement a self-service call-to-action by including links to your support portal on your website, or add the appropriate links within your application or product. Alternatively, you can use a help desk or customer support app with a deflection feature, so it will suggest related articles based on the questions or words they type in your online forms.

Optimize your content in the self-service portal – By optimizing your self-service content, search engines can easily find it when a customer initiates a search. Make sure your content is easy to find on social media sites too.

Update your answers – Keep your content up-to-date and fresh as often as possible.

Display answers and information in an easily accessible and well-structured manner – Avoid making customers click several hyperlinks and making them go through several other pages before they can find the answers that they need. Otherwise, they will get impatient and give up, and you risk losing them.

Invest in a high-quality customer self-service portal – The quality of your self-service portal can say a lot about your business. The best product should be intuitive, scalable, and provide outstanding user experience while enabling mobile access. Similarly, it should enable reliable and secure integration with your on-premise networks.

Use SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales for Better Business

Improving your business makes sense if you want to sell better, enable your staff to work smarter, and acquire more deals. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is designed exactly for these purposes, so having it can make your business function better and deliver improved services to your customers. With this platform, your business can have a better way to understand the unique challenges and industry of your customers, while having a means to help them attain their goals. SAP Hybris for Sales is a cloud-based CRM sales software that provides easy access to real-time analytics, customer information, social selling tools, and much more — anytime and anywhere.

sap-crm-sales-2SAP designed Hybris Cloud for Sales as an answer to businesses who want to speed up the ability of their representatives to close deals and engage customers quickly and efficiently. Hence, the software can be the best-in-class lead management, sales force automation, and account intelligence platform your business could ever have, but at a subscription-based and reasonable price. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales come with real-time actionable analytics to enable live performance monitoring, conduct what-if analysis, and enhance forecast accuracy. This feature eliminates surprises at the end of every quarter by providing you with embedded reports and interactive dashboards where you can view sales information and other important data.

The features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales can improve your business. Sales automation can make account and leads management easier with an intuitive solution that works exactly the way you want it. Social selling lets you collaborate easily with your team while expanding the sales community based on the context of opportunities and your accounts. Mobility lets you sell anywhere through mobile devices such as Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Account management intelligence lets you update accounts quickly, keep everyone in the know, and access full customer intelligence to ensure that you and your team can deliver the best impression and the right impact regardless of customer interaction.

Why You Need SAP Managed Services

If you find yourself spending more time on your IT and missing out on opportunities to optimize and innovate for your business, then you may need to consider hiring a certified SAP Managed Services partner. SAP Managed Services is a solution that lets you deploy, monitor, optimize, and manage your business processes and any existing SAP solutions. You get guaranteed SLAs for KPI-based outcomes and round-the-clock business continuity support to improve and innovate your business processes. With SAP Managed Services, you can reduce your IT costs, modernize your applications, and boost ROI.

SAP Managed Services are offered by certified partners who have been evaluated and certified by SAP itself as a reliable provider of its quality services. By working with a certified SAP Application Management Services partner, you can optimize your business operations, minimize interruptions, and boost your productivity in a cost-effective way. SAP managed services offer a value proposition that includes reduced risk and sustainable, reliable operations, lowered TCO, a scalable and agile solution that grows with your business, and a leveraged offshore delivery model that maintains transparent and predictable support costs.

Managed services enable you to run your solutions cost-effectively on any platform as they optimize and enhance your solutions to meet the needs of your business. These may be just what you need to rapidly deploy new SAP technologies cost-effectively. With Managed Services, SAP becomes your extended team that runs hybris, HANA, and other SAP solutions for you. Application Management services include application support, security and BASIS support, bug fixes, and enhancements, as well as help desk services, reporting and analysis, and performance tuning and monitoring.

Having SAP Managed services will enable your business to resolve problems and incidents, fulfill service requests, and deploy and develop standard and operational changes. The solution can help protect your investments by mitigating risks with ongoing event management and application monitoring. This will ensure that no issue impacts your users and the entire business financially.