3 Ways to Boost Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Selling with Integration

Achieving sales targets and closing more deals has a lot to do with the quality and speed of your sales cycle. Creating and maintaining a quick cycle supported by proposals and quotes that meet, or better yet, exceed the expectations of consumers brings a positive sense of urgency to customers and prospect relationships. Customers accomplish their goals quicker and deals are closed faster when Configure Price Quote strategies and sales engagement tactics are in place. Below are tried and tested ways to improve both the speed and accuracy of quote turnarounds, quote to order responses, and capture accuracy of your sales cycle with the help of integration:

• Eliminate as many manual steps possible from your quoting and proposal workflow by creating an integration roadmap that effectively captures how your different connecting systems can speed up quoting speed and turn it into an easily measurable feature. Speed is critical to a competitive sales cycle. The more competitive your sales cycle, the more important speed becomes. More often than not, the quote that gets completed first wins the deal because prospects are usually driven by a high sense of urgency in solving their problems or accomplishing their goals.

• Control pricing by getting rid of outdated Excel file updates on your sales representatives’ laptops and incorporate a single system that is constantly updated in real time. Inconsistency in pricing is a major roadblock to selling fast. This can be helped by an integrated cloud-based pricing system that delivers updated and accurate pricing to any and all reps in real-time.

• Speed and accuracy alone can help you take deals away from your competitors. This can be achieved by integrating everything ranging from ERP to production scheduling, salesforce systems, and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)



Use SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales for Better Business

Improving your business makes sense if you want to sell better, enable your staff to work smarter, and acquire more deals. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is designed exactly for these purposes, so having it can make your business function better and deliver improved services to your customers. With this platform, your business can have a better way to understand the unique challenges and industry of your customers, while having a means to help them attain their goals. SAP Hybris for Sales is a cloud-based CRM sales software that provides easy access to real-time analytics, customer information, social selling tools, and much more — anytime and anywhere.

sap-crm-sales-2SAP designed Hybris Cloud for Sales as an answer to businesses who want to speed up the ability of their representatives to close deals and engage customers quickly and efficiently. Hence, the software can be the best-in-class lead management, sales force automation, and account intelligence platform your business could ever have, but at a subscription-based and reasonable price. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales come with real-time actionable analytics to enable live performance monitoring, conduct what-if analysis, and enhance forecast accuracy. This feature eliminates surprises at the end of every quarter by providing you with embedded reports and interactive dashboards where you can view sales information and other important data.

The features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales can improve your business. Sales automation can make account and leads management easier with an intuitive solution that works exactly the way you want it. Social selling lets you collaborate easily with your team while expanding the sales community based on the context of opportunities and your accounts. Mobility lets you sell anywhere through mobile devices such as Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Account management intelligence lets you update accounts quickly, keep everyone in the know, and access full customer intelligence to ensure that you and your team can deliver the best impression and the right impact regardless of customer interaction.