Choose CRM Cloud Solutions for Higher Quality of Outcomes for Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) continues to thrive in every industry that deals with a wide array of customers. It has evolved from single platforms to systems that enable easy collaboration in a real-time. This has been made possible with the integration of cloud technology. As long as businesses recognize and understand the importance of the customer experience, CRM cloud solutions will be an important aspect of their daily operations and it will be a key to their continued success. You could improve the outcomes in your business by upgrading your CRM to the latest offerings of well-known and proven platforms across various industries.

There are many benefits to hosting your customer relationship management platform in the cloud. You can access it anytime and anywhere and empower your staff to collaborate and make informed decisions easily in real-time. All the critical information about your customers will be stored in the cloud, so everyone in your team can view it from any device, even on their mobile devices. Older CRM platforms require the installation of software per machine. With cloud-based CRM, installation is hassle-free, and it can be implemented within a short period of time so as to reduce or avoid too much downtime.

Security is one of the biggest concerns of most companies considering CRM cloud solutions, as they are worried about their data getting leaked or hacked. As long as you work with the right service provider, you can be confident in the safety and security of your data with solutions like two-step authentication, stronger passwords, effective data recovery plans, and high-end automated back-up policies.

CRM cloud solutions are typically perceived to be meant only for big businesses, but they are actually flexible and can be tailored to small and medium size businesses. By investing in modern technology, like CRM, your own business could boost its ROI and speed up its growth. The key is to find a certified and reputable specialist or consultant that can help you implement the platform more effectively into your organization.


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Eight Tips for Persuading an Anti-Tech Sales Team to Use CRM

Many CRM cloud solution implementations fail not because they are technically complex, but rather because sales teams simply cannot find themselves to take system learning and adoption seriously. Anti-Tech sales teams are notorious for causing CRM adoption and implementation problems because these professionals are people-oriented more than software-oriented. Most of them are wary of new Cloud CRM solutions because they believe that these will detract from valuable consumer-to-representative interactions. It is for this reason that you should find better ways to motivate your sales team to use CRM cloud solutions you’ve invested a lot of money on instead of simply buying a new system and asking reps to use it. Below are some tips for more successful Cloud CRM solutions adaptation in your business:


  • Choose the right solution/system for your team’s requirements. There are all types of CRM cloud solutions out there, but only a few that can actually help your reps sell better. Study the features and functions of your prospect solution and talk about how your reps could better adopt it.
  • Communicate both business and personal benefits. Cloud CRM solutions are built not only to improve business bottom lines, but also to make people’s jobs easier.
  • Involve your reps in the purchase decision. Rather than making the purchase decision entirely on management levels, involve your reps in the study and selection of the right CRM cloud solution that will best benefit the team.
  • Provide adequate training.
  • Make the system accessible. Modern CRM solutions can now provide reps access to data from anywhere, as long as they have the right channel.
  • Trumpet successes. To motivate people and win their support, tell them about the early successes and benefits of a good CRM software.
  • Reward them for compliance and good behavior. They may not see the value of the change early on, but by rewarding their compliance and instilling in them the great benefits of the right CRM software, you will effectively motivate them to work harder in discovering the benefits of CRM cloud solutions for themselves.
  • Finally, leave them no alternative. Resist the urge to make exceptions even for top performers who protest against system adaptation.



Cloud CRM Solutions Offering New Methods of Project Management

Unified CRM cloud solutions that offer provisions for project management integration can be extremely beneficial to your business. This is especially true in heavily service-oriented operations, where managers and customer representatives must have a comprehensive and holistic view of the lifecycle of a customer. In implementing cloud CRM solutions, among the most important aspects that you should pay attention to are managing sales activities, tracking leads, managing existing deliverables, and creating new projects. Traditionally, organizations would take a siloed approach to managing business, meaning that applications are typically developed to handle a single function of the business. These solutions are in no way designed to interact with each other or allow project managers to connect the dots between business functions that are very closely associated. Business units are interlinked departments that must work together to achieve holistic goals for the company. Fortunately today, there are CRM and project management apps that allow for efficient integration between these business functions. SAP Cloud Computing is among the most efficient cloud CRM solutions that allow for project management integration, streamlining the process of delivering tasks according to client or customer demands.


The best benefits of CRM cloud solutions and project management apps are a result of their streamlining capabilities. By integrating project management and CRM, managers and staff are able to deliver tasks to completion while keeping track of resources, managing personnel, arranging schedules and timelines, and keeping up with all deadlines, among other things. Bringing CRM into the mix, SAP Cloud Computing helps businesses build, as well as maintain, relationships with customers (both potential and existing) more efficiently as each interlinked business unit works together. Mature CRM cloud solutions like SAP Cloud computing allows for the perfect marriage between customer relations, sales functions, and marketing, the ultimate goal of which is to increase revenue through different modes of client account expansion.




What You Need To Know About Hybris Marketing

Hybris Marketing is a solution for contextual marketing in real-time. It lets you engage customers and keep them satisfied, build brand loyalty, and cultivate better brand relationships by enabling you to market to an audience of one. Conventional marketing campaigns may not be enough to engage individual customers due to the lack of knowledge on a customer’s unique needs and wants. As a result, your business tends to send generic messages, which may not make enough impact to an individual. Hybris Marketing changes that by enabling you to have a deeper understanding of your customers.

Using Hybris Marketing, you can know what your customers are doing, what they are likely to do, and what they have done. This provides you with real-time insights, which can be leveraged to enable you to deliver personalized customer experiences across different channels. Here are some of the other important things you should know about Hybris Marketing:

  • It can help you understand customer intent in real-time – With Hybris Marketing, you can capture and enrich the profiles of customers dynamically across every source into one view. This way, it is easier to detect customer signals that can help you gain insight into every customer’s intent in real-time.
  • It can help you improve customer experiences – In-the-moment opportunities may be converted to deliver contextually relevant experiences to your customers dynamically across channels. Hybris Marketing lets you create new engagements to boost customer loyalty and online community participation.
  • Market faster and accurately – Hybris lets your business react proactively to customer opportunities by increasing visibility and boosting the alignment of your resources, marketing processes, and performance with what customers expect.

If you are using Hybris Marketing, it means that you understand that your customers are intuitive, and you want to provide only the best products and services to them when they need or want them. The Marketing suite can obtain data from past purchases and the current activities of customers, like real-time browsing behavior. That way, you can effectively engage your customers and provide highly engaging interactions and content to them.

Some Characteristic Features of a Cloud for Service Solution

When thinking of employing and implementing a Cloud for Service solution, an organization must understand exactly what it is. That way, they can make the most of it and ensure that they are getting all the right features at the right price. Cloud for Service is better known as SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, and it helps organizations improve their sales, marketing, and service teams. With SAP Hybris Cloud, you can effectively and easily engage your customers. Here are some characteristics of Cloud for Service that you must know:

  1. An efficient call center and help desk solution – Cloud for Service is a flexible solution that can easily be deployed in any simple or complex business scenario. Being SaaS-based, it can be used for customer service and support.
  2. Multichannel service ticket management – The versatility of SAP Cloud for Service applies to email, phone, chat, social media platforms, SMS, online self-service channels, and many others.
  3. In-context social collaboration – It lets service representatives ask questions and provide feedback on difficult cases quickly and efficiently.
  4. Automation – Cloud for Service lets customer support and service departments assign, route, and escalate any message using a single framework.
  5. Real-Time analytics – With this feature, your business can easily understand the crucial patterns across several customer complaints. That way, you can quickly discover the root causes of those issues and streamline the CSS process.
  6. Integration with other SAP products – Cloud for Service can be seamlessly integrated with other web-based SAP products, like Cloud for Sales, and on-premise systems like SAP ERP and SAP CRM.
  7. Mobile-Compatible – Full-featured mobile compatibility lets users access the system and close high-priority tickets remotely.

You can have a Cloud for Service solution implemented in your business with help from a premium SAP consulting partner. Some leading SAP partners and specialists can schedule a demo to help you understand and learn how Cloud for Service can work for your organization and how it can improve your daily tasks.

The Safe and Hassle-Free Hybris Marketing

Hybris Marketing can be handy for contextual marketing in real-time. It lets you engage and delight your customers while cultivating brand relationships as you market your business to each customer. Conventional marketing campaigns may not be able to fully engage individual customers due to the lack of knowledge of what each customer needs and wants. This results in indiscriminate messages to everyone in the target market. Hybris Marketing addresses this concern by enabling marketers to have an in-depth understanding of their customers. This way, they know exactly what they have done, what they are currently doing, and what they could do.

The platform provides real-time insights to let you know the context of every customer. The information will be valuable when you need to leverage those insights to create and deliver more personalized and individualized customer experiences in every channel. SAP Hybris Marketing is a safe and hassle-free solution that can let you understand your customers in real-time by dynamically capturing and enriching customer profiles into a single perspective. Likewise, it leverages implicit customer signals so you can tell what customers want or need.

SAP Hybris Marketing is useful when you want to deliver better and more personalized customer experiences. Customer engagement can be more successful when you are proactive and capable of providing relevant customer experiences in real-time. Moreover, you need to be able to tap into emotional factors that encourage the buying process. Hybris Marketing lets you convert in-the-moment opportunities into contextually relevant experiences and elevates customer loyalty and online community participation among new engagements.

Hybris Marketing can help your business market faster and more effectively as it lets you react to opportunities from customers proactively. This is accomplished through the alignment of your resources, performance, and marketing process, and by increasing your visibility. The Hybris Marketing suite applies more transparency into the entire marketing performance of your business, so you can respond to new opportunities quickly, optimize your marketing plans, and manage your team effectively.

Essential qualities of SAP HANA that make it a perfect fit for the digital world

A business that deals with large quantities of data requires fast and efficient information and data accumulationand processing capabilities.Furthermore, the integrity of the data needs to be high. A common problem with current IT solutions is that applications tend to work in silos. This leads to duplicity of data resulting in increased batch processing time and higher infrastructure costs. Since applications do not interact with each other, the data available gives an incomplete picture. Real-time insights are not available, and the ability to innovate is thwarted. The complexity leads to delay in decision-making and hinders innovation.

A radical approach is required to unlock the potential of all the data available in an organization. The solution is to make all data readily available to all applications. This reduces data latency and improves business agility. A complete business view is possible allowing real-time decision-making. However, this solution is only possible with in-memory data management that enables all applications to become real-time. This is where SAP HANA comes into picture.

SAP HANA is an in-memory data management and application platform that helps in transforming businesses. It is a comprehensive service to manage all applications providing speed, simplicity, and innovation.

Importance of SAP HANA in the digital world

  • Accelerates database processing: SAP HANA allows processing of large amounts of data quickly as applications interact with each other for real-time insights and faster decision-making.
  • Creates next-generation applications: It aids in the creation of next-gen apps by designing and deploying intuitive applications. This helps in delivering the desired information to users at the right time.
  • Delivers more business intelligence: HANA makes use of advanced analytical processing to gain deeper insights from the data available. More business intelligence is always a welcome bonus in any organization.
  • Integrates all types of data: It synchronizes large volumes of data between HANA and thousands of remote databases by accessing information stored in data silos, integrating          them into one unified suite to gain unique insights.
  • Simplifies IT environment: SAP HANA simplifies the IT environment by reducing complexity. It provides the choice of cloud (virtual), on-premise (physical), or hybrid (combination of cloud and physical) platform, opening up options for organizations with different needs and requirements.

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