Enable Superior Business Decisions with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

Decision-Making is one of the most important tasks you undertake when running your business. And, you can empower yourself to make better decisions with a powerful cloud-based software. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is one of the leading platforms that can enable you to earn more deals, boost your selling capabilities, and work smarter by providing you with ways to understand the unique challenges, industry, and goals of your customers. Using SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, you can have easier access to information on your customers, as well as social selling tools and real-time analytics anytime, anywhere.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is designed for businesses that are looking for easy-to-use and fast sales tools that can help them effectively engage customers and close more deals. With best-in-class features like lead management, automation, and account intelligence, the platform lets you achieve those goals at a reasonable, subscription-based price. Sales automation is one of the leading features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and it can help you efficiently manage your leads and accounts using an intuitive and scalable solution.

Using SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, you can easily collaborate with an extended sales community and your team in the context of opportunities and accounts. This way, your business can practice proper collaboration and social selling, share best practices in sales, and prepare presentations and meetings on-the-go with social CRM tools. It also allows you to sell anywhere, especially on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Account management intelligence is another crucial capability of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales. It lets you access full customer intelligence and update accounts quickly, while keeping everyone in the know, so you and your team can deliver the best customer experience each time you engage with your customers. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales can be integrated with your ERP or Microsoft Outlook and implemented to provide real-time analytics, while enabling sales performance management and sales retail execution.